Integrated Management System

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“ŚLIWA Plastic Injection Moulding” offers its customers a wide choice of products and manufacturing components made of plastic, rubber and metal.


Satisfaction of our customers is our main objective, that is why we offer items of the highest quality because we care for:

continuous improvement with the smallest negative influence on the environment;

precaution and prevention of emergency situations;

respect for rights and requirements;

ongoing contacts with our customers in order to learn their needs;

continuous development and increasing professional qualifications of the employees and their satisfaction with the company.


“ŚLIWA Plastic Injection Moulding” management places special emphasis on workplace safety and improvement of hygiene and working conditions.


Successive implementation of the abovementioned assumptions is the basis of our continuous improvement of Integrated Management System. It leads to taking care about complete satisfaction of each and every client and compliance with law.


Integrated Management System is regularly being monitored and reviewed with respect to context of the organization and external expectations. The Policy is public and available on the web site and in premises.


Approved by

Iwona Śliwa-Bachorska

Managing Director