Injection Moulding Machine Department

The Injection Moulding Machine Department is our strategic department which enables manufacturing parts of different dimensions, colours and weights. It is equipped with modern machines, among which there are 22 Arburg and Engel moulding machines. “Śliwa Plastic Injection Moulding” company also has auxiliary equipment, such as plastic dryers, mould thermal regulators, dye feeders, conveyers and robots which are used on plastic injection moulding machines.

Technical facilities and the Maintenance Department staff guarantee high performance of the machines and equipment. Specialists who work in our tool room are responsible for maintenance, cleaning , repairing and taking care of the moulds.

The whole manufacturing process is supervised by the Quality Control Department which regularly monitors that the manufactured items comply with the customers’ requirements. This is possible due to a modern measuring centre which has adequate equipment and software enabling statistical process control.

Thirty-year experience in processing and continuous trainings for employees and management personnel guarantee development and improvement in coordination and quality.

Openness to new ideas and flexibility make it possible to adjust our production to individual needs of our customers

Assembly Department

Additional advantage of ”Śliwa Plastic Injection Moulding” is our Assembly Department. This department carries out manual sub-assembly of our own parts and those delivered by clients. Variety of needs and expectations concerning the products make that we use and join different techniques, such as moulders, hydraulic notchers, automation and robotics. Creating our products we also use optics, ultrasounds and customized electro-mechanical tester which ensure compliance with the requirements. The whole process is controlled and documented by the employees of the Quality Control Department, which guarantees reliability and high quality of implementation of orders. Thanks to adjusting solutions to individual needs we obtain a product which meets expectations of the most demanding customers.  

Tampoprinting Department

“Śliwa Plastic Injection Moulding” company is able to make pad printing. This is a technique of printing with the help of a rubber stamp and specially selected dye on the surface, such as plastic, glass or rubber. We possess 7 tampoprinting machines (Morlock and Tampoprint). We cooperate with the companies offering professional consulting concerning pad printing and supplying consumables which guarantee the highest quality of the printing.


We own 17 injection moulding machines by ARBURG and ENGEL thanks to which we are able to manufacture items of different weight from 0.1 to 1000 g.


We also have auxiliary equipment, such as granulate dryers, mould thermal regulators, dye feeders, conveyers and robots which are used on injection moulding machines.